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White Bronze

White Bronze is a tri-alloy with a composition of 55% Copper, 30% Tin & 15% Zinc. The alloy takes on the appearance of Silver and exhibits exceptional properties that are beneficial in radio frequency (RF) and other electronic applications.


The coating is characterised by its high corrosion resistance, excellent levelling, abrasion resistance and good solderability. White Bronze is non-magnetic and therefore ideal for Rf applications offering improved intermodulation performance and screening.

Our Expertise

TPG have many years experience applying this multi alloy coating using barrels and jigs.

  White Bronze

Technical Information

Types Plating Methods Base Materials Properties Specifications
Semi-bright Jig/Vat/Rack, Barrel Copper Alloys, Steel Conductive, High Corrosion Resistance, solderable, non magnetic, good wear resistance Customer Specification