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Palladium Plating (Pd)

Palladium is a rare and lustrous silvery-white metal with a low density and low melting point. As Palladium does not react with oxygen at normal temperatures it will not tarnish in air. Palladium whilst still a relatively soft metal is harder than most gold deposits.


Palladium is used most commonly in catalytic converters for the automotive industry where it is used to convert as much as 90% of the harmful gases produced by combustion. It is also widely used in electronics due it’s electrical conductivity and durability.

Our Expertise

TPG’s expertise in the application of palladium is well known in the industry and the process sequence can be adapted according to the product requirements.

  Palladium Plating (Pd)

Technical Information

Types Plating Methods Base Materials Properties Specifications Density p(kg/m3) Melting Point Degrees Cent. Electrical Resistivity
(10-8 Ωm)
at 0°C
Pure Jig/Vat/Rack, Barrel, Selective Copper Alloys, Steel, Aluminium, Die Castings Ductility, Conductivity, High Corrosion Resistance Customer Specification 11995 1554 10