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About TPG

Twickenham Plating Group (TPG) delivers high quality technical plating services for industries throughout the world. The company offers a comprehensive range of finishes and can apply these on a variety of different substrates using sophisticated masking technologies for selective plating, or more conventional reel to reel, barrel, vat and rack plating. TPG will plate to your design specification or can assist with the development of a specification to cost effectively deliver the desired finish.

In addition to offering regularly requested finishes such as gold and silver, TPG offers specialist finishes such as palladium/nickel, zinc nickel and electroless nickel. A wide range of additional processes are available to assist in the delivery of your project, including: adhesion enhancement, hardening, stress relieving, de-embrittlement, polysurfing, deburring, and heat treatment in nitrogen, which are all carried out in-house.

Established in 1947 TPG has a long history of plating for industry leading engineering companies through to OEMs. Whilst still headquartered in Twickenham, today the company’s Production Facilities are based in Poole in Dorset at Pender Works.

Components the company has plated are frequently used in telecoms and everyday electronics as well as being buried in the ground, deployed under the sea, in the air and even in space.