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Aluminium Conversion Coating

Chromate conversion offers a cost effective non-electrolytic process for coating aluminium resulting in excellent corrosion resistance, a good pre-paint finish and good adhesion qualities.


Aluminium conversion coating is generally found on space / aerospace products or where corrosion protection is required with good electrical conductivity.

Our Expertise

TPG can apply aluminium conversion coatings to a variety of different shaped components. TPG can also apply this process selectively in conjunction with other finishes such as electroless nickel silver etc.

  Aluminium Conversion Coating

Technical Information

Types Plating Methods Base Materials Properties Specifications Electrical Resistivity
(10-8 Ωm)
at 0°C
Alocrom 1200 Iridite NCP
SurTec 650
Jig/Vat/Rack Suitable Aluminium High Corrosion Resistance, Good adhesion qualities DEF 03-18 superseded by SAE AMS 03-18,