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Rhodium Plating (Rh)

Rhodium is a silvery-white metal. As a noble metal it resists chemical action, does not corrode, and is not easily attacked by acids. When plated onto a component Rhodium offers an extremely bright and hard wearing finish.


Due to its qualities Rhodium can be used in circuits and other metal componnets to prevent corrosion and reduce the effects of high temperatures. It can also be plated onto to silver to prevent passivation. Specific applications include electrical contacts and aircraft spark plugs.

Our Expertise

TPG is one of the few companies worldwide offering Rhodium plating. Having operated the process for over 45 years we have built a substantial technical ability of depositing Rhodium onto components.

  Rhodium Plating (Rh)

Technical Information

Types Plating Methods Base Materials Properties Specifications Applications Density p(kg/m3) Melting Point Degrees Cent. Electrical Resistivity
(10-8 Ωm)
at 0°C
Pure Jig/Vat/Rack, Barrel, Selective Copper Alloys, Steel, Aluminium, Die Castings Ductility, Conductivity, High Corrosion Resistance, good wear resistance DTD 931 (obsolete),
ASTM B634-88
Circuits 12420 1963 4.3